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Roofing problems can lead to extremely costly and stressful issues down the line.  Be sure your home is protected by quickly and properly repairing any problem areas.  Whether it's shingles falling off or water stains on your walls, if you see a potential issue contact a local roofing repair contractor to explore your repair options to fix your home's roof as soon as possible.

Maryland licensed and insured roofing contractors can help you diagnose exactly what's wrong with your home's roof and review all of your repair options.  Roofing-Directory's online contractor referral service is your best bet for finding Maryland's (MD) highest quality roofers.  We have pre-screened roof repair contractors throughout the state from Baltimore, Towson, Bel Air, White Marsh and Glenn Burnie to Bethesda, Potomac, Silver Spring, Wheaton, College Park, Columbia, Gaithersburg, Germantown and anywhere in between.  Let us help you out with your roofing repair.  Our roofing contractors are ready to give you free estimates as well as provide you with as much information as possible on fixing your leaking roof.

The Average Cost of Roof Repairs in Maryland

As a homeowner in Maryland, there are always costs involved with keeping your home and property in good shape. Some of the most frequent, and annoying, home repair issues have got to be roof repairs. Wind, heat, moisture, age, and a number of other factors will take a toll on your roof every single year. Not only can not maintaining your roof properly lead to leaks, which might damage things in your home like electronics or furniture, it can also lead to water damage in the structure of your home. Warping wood or mold in your home will cost significantly more than repairing and maintaining your roof. Here are just a few roof issues that every Maryland home owner should look out for:

Loose or missing shingles are usually the first sign of a roof in need of repair. Shingles that have been blown off by the wind, or rotted off due to moisture and heat, can lead to pooling water and other damages to the roof beneath. The shingles are the first defense your roof has against mother nature, and it is important to keep them maintained properly. Also, whenever a roof has a valley, or any kind of dip in it, it is sure to be a high traffic area for rain water and snow runoff. The water moves swiftly through these areas, sometimes for hours at a time, and causes wear. These valleys in your roof should be watched carefully, because anytime it rains, the shingles could be at their last. Once a tear or crack appears, the water will find its way through to the wood below. Shingle replacement or repair in Maryland can cost anywhere from $25, per 10x10 foot square of shingles, up to $300 for wood or concrete.

Another common roof repair is when the head wall flashing, usually a metal or vinyl strip where the roof meets a flat face of wall, gets worn down. When rain water or snow melt runs down the slope of your roof and hits the head wall, it nearly comes to a full stop, before turning and continuing off of the roof. This often causes pooling, and if there is even the smallest crack or tear, water can get through. Flashing is also found around chimneys and skylights, and can cost from $200 up to $500 to repair.

If, for some reason, your shingles are not taken care of or were not installed properly, there is likely to be water damage to the wood beneath. This is where cost gets much higher. For professional repair of your roof itself, the costs can range anywhere from $300 up to $1000 or more. With enough damage, the cost of fixing a roof can be nearly as high as the cost to replace your roof completely, upwards of $2000 or more.

Of course, any cost for maintenance or repairs of your roof will have individual factors. The size of your roof, and the type of roofing your have will affect the cost, as well as the severity of damage, in the case of roof repairs. Every professional roofer will also have their own cost structures for the services they offer. This is why it is so important for any home owner to put a little bit of time and effort into finding the right contractor for their situation. Referrals are a great start, especially if you have friends and family that have had issues like yours. The internet is also a very great way to find what strangers may have thought of a particular contractors work and costs. Always get an estimate.

Remember, maintenance is almost always less costly than repairs, so keep your eyes on your roof.

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