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About Steel
Steel is an alloy metal consisting mainly of iron. Steel is commonly formed in much of Europe but also played a major role in the industrial revolution of the United States. Many have come to know the main iron mining part of the country as western Pennsylvania, and this is still true today. Much of our Country's steel production still comes from western PA and the Allegheny mountain area. Steel is one of the most popular metals because of it's ease to work with, strength and it's availability.

Steel Roofing
Steel roofing has become the most popular form of metal roofing. It provides all the benefits of traditional metal roofing like longevity and safety and a wide variety of forms of steel roofs are available today that so home and building owners have the ability to select the look and protection form that they find most suitable to their unique situation. Steel roofing has always been common for commercial buildings but now it is becoming more popular in residential homes too.

Steel Roofing Materials and Selections
Stainless steel roofing is very popular in extreme climates that can use additional, anti-rust applications. A stainless steel roof will last a long time in tough weather and maintain a luster that keeps the roof looking new for longer periods of time.

Among other selections to steel roofing are corrugated (extra durable) steel roofs, galvanized steel roofs and there are many other looks like traditional steel roofing panels, a tile look, shingle look or even a slate look.

Find Steel Roofing Contractors
Most roofing contractors have the ability to work with a steel roof because steel is fairly easy to work with as a roofing material. (DIY Tip - Many people install their own steel roof, moreso than traditional roofing, because of its ease of use. There are manuals and instructions available from steel roofing manufacturers that itemize the installation process too!) For those without substantial DIY home improvement skills, the best source for your new steel roof is to hire a local professional. has prescreened, local, steel roofing contractors from all across the country and we are ready to put them in touch with you. If you fill out the form on the right, you will receive up to four local estimates for steel roofing repair, replacement or installation. So get started by filling out the form and let professional steel roofing companies help you ASAP! Its the easiest way to find the best price for your steel roof project.

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