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Bone Dry Roofing - Lexington

1155 E New Circle Rd
Lexington, KY, 40505

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Bone Dry Roofing - Louisville

8130 New La Grange Rd
Louisville, KY, 40222

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Dunn Roofing and Sheet Metal

11616 Electron Dr
Louisville, KY, 40299

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Carlon Roofing and Sheet Metal

1430 Selinda Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky, 40213

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American Roofing & Metal Company

4610 Roofing Road
Louisville, Kentucky, 40218

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Harrison's Roofing

250 Gold Rush Rd
Lexington, Kentucky, 40503

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Hendricks Roofing & Supply Co., Inc.

140 Orchard St.
Richmond, Kentucky, 40475

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Lexington Blue

287 Pasadena Dr.
Lexington, Kentucky, 40503

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Bone Dry Lousiville

8130 New La Grange Rd
Louisville, Kentucky, 40222

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HKC Roofing

5061 Popular Level Road
Louisville, Kentucky, 40219

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Kentucky is a crossroads state in many different ways. It sits right on the border between East and Midwest, and the rugged Appalachian highlands of eastern Kentucky swiftly give way to fields, forests, and farms as the terrain slopes down towards America's great plains. For official purposes of the U.S. Census Kentucky is classified as a Southern state, but it is a little more "Northern" than most Southern states and quite a bit more "Southern" than the Northern ones. Historically it was a slave state but for the most part, Kentucky remained neutral during the American Civil War.

Kentucky was of great importance to the early expansion of the United States. Settlers making their way westward from the coastal colonies had to get past a substantial obstacle: the Appalachian Mountains. It just so happens that the Cumberland Gap, perhaps the easiest and most heavily trafficked route over the range, is here. Many settlers stayed for the rich hunting and farmland; others took advantage of Kentucky's extensive network of navigable rivers to venture even further afield.

Even today, it is natural beauty and an easygoing pastoral reputation that accounts for much of Kentucky's appeal. There are many parks and wilderness area here, as well as two of the largest artificial lakes in the U.S. One of Kentucky's treasures is the Mammoth Caves, the longest continuous cavern system in the world. The Daniel Boone National Forest and Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area draw lovers of the outdoors from all over.

Kentucky gets its nickname of "The Bluegrass State" from the nutritious grasses that thrive in the state's fertile soil. This has made it a prime location for livestock breeding, especially thoroughbred horses. Small surprise that the Kentucky Derby is one of the most important horse-racing events in the world.

In addition to horses Kentucky is known for tobacco and its many whiskey distilleries. The backwoods moonshiners of yore have turned into one of the state's leading industries. Frankfort, KY is the state's capital but it is far surpassed in size by other cities. Louisville and Lexington are the two largest metro areas and by national standards, neither is particularly huge. They offer all the amenities one might expect to find in a sizable city but the smaller towns also have their own attractions, like the Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, KY.

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