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Quite a few Maryland residents have slate roofs protecting their home or businesses.  Slate is an extremely beautiful roofing material which can greatly help protect the interior systems of your building.  Slate topped roofs route water away from your electrical system, flooring, drywall and many more delicate area’s which can be damaged from moisture.  The thing is no matter how nice your slate roof is, it will at one point or another have problems.  The second you notice missing or damaged slate tiles or shingles be sure you have a skilled local roofing contractor come to your home to inspect it.  They will be able to properly access the damage and discuss all of your repair, replacement and installation options.

Many Maryland (MD) homeowners browse through their local phone book to try and find the right roofing contractor for their project.  The thing is how can you be sure you’ve picked a high quality slate roofing professional by basing your choice on the size of their advertisement?  You can’t, and that’s why Roofing-Directory has created our easy to use online roofing contractor referral service.  We are proud to match our visitors with the absolute highest quality and most experienced roofing contractors for all of your slate roofing repair and replacement needs.  It’s so simple, all you have to do is fill out the short form on this page and we will schedule you for free estimates from up to four of MD’s best slate roofing experts.  So get started today and save big on your next residential or commercial roofing project.

Classic Slate Roofing Is a Good Choice for Maryland Homes

Roofing is one of the most expensive components of a home, so it's essential that a homeowner chooses the best materials he can afford. Slate roofing is a top-of-the-line material that people often overlook because of its expense, but for many reasons it's the best choice a homeowner can make. If he's repairing or replacing a roof on a historic home, he may have to use slate to meet regulations. However, even if slate isn't required, it can pay for itself many times over on an upscale home.

Slate can be easily broken into thin roofing tiles along its lines of cleavage and grain. The thin tiles, while heavier than other types of roofing materials, make the use of slate a viable option, particularly for historic or upscale homes. While slate can be shipped anywhere in the world, it's more commonly used in areas near the quarries from which it's produced.

Because it's practically impervious to water, a slate roof doesn't experience the problems common to many other types of roofs. Water from heavy rains runs off the roof quickly rather than settling into the spaces between the tiles and under the tiles. This type of roof is also resistant to hail damage and ice damming, two events that frequently require roof repair or replacement. Another advantage of slate roofing is its very effective fire retardant qualities. Because of its resistance to natural occurrences that usually necessitate repair or replacement of a roof, a homeowner who installs a slate roof may see reduced insurance rates as a result.

Slate has a well-deserved reputation as a very long-lasting roofing material that can often last as long as the building it protects. Most roofs must be replaced or extensively repaired every 20 to 30 years. Slate roofing can last up to 150 years if properly constructed and maintained, according to experts.

Slate roofing comes in a number of different natural colors. These colors include green, gray, black, red and streaked or mottled shades that appear naturally in the various quarries from which slate is collected. One of the greatest benefits of slate roofing material is its color fastness. Even after decades of weather exposure, the colors don't fade.

Slate is a popular roofing material in Maryland due to its availability and its classic, attractive look. Many historic buildings and homes, of which there are hundreds in the state, need a slate roof to help maintain their aged appearance. Builders often prefer to use the more expensive roofing material on upscale homes in towns such as Bethesda and Chevy Chase close to Washington, DC. Nearby quarries in northern Maryland and southeastern Pennsylvania make slate roofs a good choice for homes in the northern Baltimore suburbs of Green Springs, Bel Air and Stevenson. Slate roofing's reputation as a high-quality material, coupled with its classic appearance and longevity, can help increase the value of any home on which it is installed.

A slate roof installation isn't a do-it-yourself type of job. Since slate tiles cost so much more than other types of roofing materials, and weighs a lot more too, it's essential that a homeowner find a qualified and insured slate roofer to do the job. The home's framing may need to be reinforced to hold up the slate roof, and other factors may need to be considered as well. In spite of these considerations, installing a slate roof will pay big dividends for a homeowner for many years to come.

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