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San Francisco City, San Francisco county and the Bay Area is well known for it’s beautiful rolling hills, gorgeous landscape and unique architecture.  This region is also well known for being part of wine country, which generally includes Napa Valley (Napa County), Sonoma County, Monterey County and Mendocino County. Its beautiful homes take quite a bit of maintenance to look that great, and Roofing-Directory has been able to help homeowners find the right roofing contractors for all of their needs from Oakland to San Jose and all points around the Bay Area.

How to Find the Best San Francisco Area Roofers
Our highly knowledgeable staff has pre-screened the San Francisco Bay Area’s top quality roofing repair and replacement companies with the hopes of matching homeowners with the absolute best for all of their needs. All you have to do is fill out the short form here and we will get you started! It’s just that simple, so ensure you’re next home improvement roofing project is a success by comparing free quotes from our California (CA) licensed and insured roofing contractors! Serving all of San Francisco County, City and surrounding suburbs.

The 3 Most Popular Roofing Materials in San Francisco, California and Why

San Francisco homeowners have commonly used a number of roofing materials to protect their family and property from the weather. Most homes have steep roofs, and several materials are designed for this type of structure. Steep roofs are generally different from commercial buildings because water easily flows from the top of a roof. Cedar shakes are one of the most traditional San Francisco roofing materials and have been around for decades. Asphalt shingles and clay tiles are other common choices in the San Francisco area. Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable choices and have taken much of the residential roofing market share. Clay tiles are another great choice and offer a number of benefits for homeowners.

Cedar Shakes
Prior to the 1990’s, nearly every home in the San Francisco area had cedar shakes for the roofing material. The product comes in a range of sizes and qualities and is usually made from western red cedar that thrives in the Pacific Northwest. Cedar is an incredibly durable choice and resists decay because it is naturally rot-resistant. In addition, cedar shakes are one of the most aesthetically appealing choices and are commonly used for high-end homes in the Bay area. Because cedar is made from natural wood, it has a look that is unrivalled. Cedar is also one of the most affordable choices because its lifespan is far longer than comparable products. The initial expense is high, but this is compensated for by a long life and improved property value.

Asphalt Shingles
Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable roofing materials for San Francisco. The product is made from a mat of tar and fiberglass that is protected with UV-resistant granules. The base safeguards a home from rain, snow and inclement weather. The granules on top of the mat provide protection from the sun and add a finished color and shading to the product. A range of different colors, shades and sizes are available, and asphalt is perfect for any home. Some of today’s products are designed to look like cedar shakes, slate or other traditional roofing materials. Because asphalt is one of the most economical choices, it has taken over much of the residential San Francisco roofing market.

Clay Tiles
Clay tiles are common across the state of California, and the material is thought to have been developed in ancient China. Clay was the roofing product of choice for Greeks and Romans and is still incredibly popular in Europe. The first European settlers brought clay tiles to the New World with them, and the material is still common in San Francisco and the rest of the country. The product is made from clay or cement and formed into the proper shape for a particular application. Clay tiles are designed to provide years of service and can last for decades with proper maintenance. Tiles protect a home from the weather and are fire-resistant. Mission tiles are the most popular style in San Francisco and are known for their barrel shape. Clay improves the energy efficiency of a home because the tiles are loose-laid on a roof. This allows air to circulate under the roof and reduces the amount of heat that builds up in an attic.

San Francisco roofing materials come in a range of choices, but several products are commonly used in the residential industry. Asphalt shingles are probably the most common product and offer years of reliable service and an affordable price. Cedar shakes used to be much more common and are still found on the roofs of many San Francisco homes. Clay tiles are another popular choice for the California weather.

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