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9 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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Looking to breathe new life into a tired living space, or getting your house ready to put on the market? You might think you need to spend a lot of time and money to give your home that wow factor, but there are lots of simple ways to add a luxurious, high-end feel to your property without having a luxurious budget.

Take a look at these eight easy and affordable ways to add an expensive edge to your home.

1. Curate a gallery wall

Nothing says high-end quite like an exquisite art collection. Don’t worry about your art actually being expensive, it’s important to choose pieces that you love or are meaningful to you; even old postcards and special family photos can look great.

Give the illusion of expense and pick up ornate old frames from a charity shop and add cardboard mounts for an elegant touch. Showcase your pictures at their best with an art and light hanging system. Picture rails with options for inbuilt lighting give that deluxe gallery feel, while letting you adjust and finesse your art arrangement until you nail that professional look.

2. Add luxurious textures

Texture can add opulence to an otherwise average and underwhelming space. Why not try adding some textured material, like luxurious velvet, to create a sumptuous feel?

Whether you add a table runner, a throw, cushion covers, or even a velvet sofa cover, opt for rich colours like dark blues or purples to bring a regal touch.

3. Declutter

A clutter-free, clean and crisp space gives an instant calm and attractive impression. Have a clear out à la Marie Kondo and get rid of anything you don’t use or need anymore. You can even sell unwanted items on marketplaces like eBay for some extra cash, or list things for free on local community pages or websites like freecycle.

Organise and store the items you’re keeping out-of-sight, in cupboards or chic wicker, wood or leather storage baskets to create a clean, pristine environment.

4. Freshen up old bed linen

Bring some upmarket hotel chic to your bedroom by freshening up tired old bed linens. If they’re looking a bit tired and past their best, buy some crisp, white sheets, duvet covers and pillows. If they’re still in good condition then try whitening sheets with bleach, or with chemical-free treatments like lemon, vinegar or baking soda.

Add an extra luxe touch by investing in plumper king-size pillows and add a bed runner and some throw cushions to give your bedroom that boutique hotel feel.

5. Add a rug

A rug adds an instant touch of warmth and can really elevate a space. Look for vintage rugs from second-hand furniture stores, salvage shops or online marketplaces to create a cosy, old-world feel. Or, go for a bold, geometric pattern in a neutral room to give the space a chic, modern edge. Not only will a rug add a touch of class, but it will also cover unsightly scuffed flooring and add a bit of insulation too.

6. Create an accent wall

Create a real statement piece with an accent wall. Instead of spending lots of money on a rich, regal-coloured paint, or luxurious wallpaper for a whole room, give an accent of expensive taste and buy just enough to create an eye-catching feature wall. It creates a focal point for the room and gives an understated expensive feel to any space without breaking the bank. Sometimes less is more!

7. Dress windows

Rich-textured, full-length curtains create a deluxe feel. Invest in a more luxurious fabric like velvet or a more opulent-appearing patterned material, and make sure the curtains are a bit longer than needed so that the fabric pools sumptuously on the floor.

A great trick is to also hang your curtain rod high. This gives the impression that your ceilings are higher than they actually are and brings a voluminous, expensive feel to the room.

8. Freshen up the garden

First impressions count so don’t forget about your outside space and give your garden a bit of TLC to create that stately-home feel. Invest in some perennial flowers that will come back year after year and add some bark to neaten up flowerbeds or inexpensive pebbles to zhuzh up paths or disused space. Paint old planters, fences and garden sheds; light blues and sage greens work well to give that old country manor look.

9. Clean the roof

Roofs can often attract moss over time and make houses looked tired and in disrepair. In addition is can significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof, eventually leading to you having to replace it sooner than you would have liked. The good news is it doesn’t take much to scrape the roof moss free, using a combination of hot soapy water and a cleaning solution. You can stop moss returning by installing strips of zinc- or copper-coated sheet metal just below the top ridge on both sides of the roof. Copper is more toxic to moss and algae, but zinc is much less expensive.

Make sure you take precautions when setting up a ladder and ensure you are not exposing yourself to danger.   

Whether it’s creating your own art gallery or getting rid of clutter, brightening up old bed sheets or giving your garden a refresh, try mixing and matching some of these easy and affordable ideas to get your home looking high-end at low cost.