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Admitted to the Union in the year 1863, West Virginia is the 35th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 1,793,716 people, and ranks as the 10th smallest state, occupying an area of 62,755 km2. The state largely enjoys a humid subtropical climate, with humid and hot summers and moderately cooler winters. The only exception to this is the eastern panhandle, which is influenced by some elements of the oceanic climate. Precipitation in the state is above that of the country’s average at 45 inches of rain per annum. Around 8 percent of this is snowfall.

The high levels of precipitation, high humidity makes it a top priority for West Virginia homeowners to choose roofs that can weather the lack of dryness while keeping the home safe. And there is no roof like a metal one that can make this happen. Besides its efficiency, it is very affordable, and is easy to install. Those looking for better curb appeal can easily customize these roofs, either using color coatings, or ornamental alterations - even these additions are known to be long-lasting. Many homeowners opt for an extra layer of rubber coating underneath the metal, which can easily adjust with the temperature and prevents any accumulation and leakage.

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