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Admitted to the Union in the year 1889, South Dakota is the 40th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 886,667 people, and ranks as the 17th largest state, occupying an area of 199,729 km2. The state has four distinct seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter), which on account of its continental climate ranges from warm, near-humid summers to freezing winters. Precipitation in South Dakota is fairly uneven, from the semi-arid northwestern area (which sees less than 15 inches of rain every year) to the semi-humid southeastern area (which sees up to 25 inches of rain every year). Black Hills sees the highest precipitation at around 30 inches every year). The state also sees a fair number of hurricanes, ice storms and blizzards, on account of its eastern part lying right within the country’s infamous “tornado alley.”

Being in a region of weather extremes means that South Dakota residents need to have roofs that are extremely resilient, and also create a comfortable and hygienic home atmosphere. In fact, several roofing companies in this state claim that South Dakota property owners are famous for the phrase “must last between 30 to 50 years.” Generally, asphalt shingles tend to be the most popular as they tick all the right boxes, from weather resistance to cost efficiency, to durability. Other commonly used materials include metal, concrete, tile, slate and cedar. In recent years, thermoplastic, PVC and stone coating have all become popular.

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