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Admitted to the Union in the year 1907, Oklahoma is the 46th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 3,963,516 people, and ranks as the 20th largest state, occupying an area of 181,038 km2. Oklahoma lies midway between the humid subtropical southeast and east, the humid continental north, and the semi-arid in the west. This effectively puts it in a place where it uniformly enjoys a humid subtropical climate. This is further influenced by the moisture brought along by the winds of the Gulf of Mexico. Oklahoma faces an average of 60-65 tornadoes per year - among some of the highest numbers in the world. Precipitation levels are average, and there's most in the west than in the east. 

For Oklahoma residents, rooftops have to be able to handle the extreme cold temperatures and heavy snowfall - this is a must. Shingles are by far the top choice here - but the materials vary by preferences on upkeep, maintenance, cost and aesthetic appeal. Asphalt, wood (mostly cedar), tile, metal (either seamless or corrugated and either plain or painted), rubber, metal and slate are common choices. Synthetic materials which use recycled fiber and plastic have also become recently common due to its low-cost, especially in commercial structures. Clay roof tiles, though are not popular as they do not fare well in the cold weather, and tend to become brittle fairly fast.

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Hero General Contracting - Roofing & Construction

15816 N Pennsylvania Ave Suite 3
Oklahoma City, OK, 73013

We are a top roofing contractor providing services to residential customers in Oklahoma and North Te...

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104 S May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK, 73107


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Aduddell Residential and Commercial Roofing Inc.

8409 Mantle Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73132

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction are a part of every project; from simple repa...

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Mallard Construction & Roofing

3601 S I-35 Service Rd
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73129

Founded by John and Tara McHughes in 2000, Mallard Construction & Roofing is a family owned and ...

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Prestige Roofing & Construction

10600 S Pennsylvania Ave
Ste 16 #151
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73170

Oklahoma owned roofing company specializing in commercial, residential & metal roofs. Call a pro...

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Coryell Roofing and Construction

325 N Portland Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73107

Coryell Roofing and Construction should be your first call after a storm rips through and your comme...

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Yates Roofing & Construction, LLC

3422 NW 135th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73120

We will give you a great looking roof that is safe and secure, and able to withstand years of exposu...

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Pizano Construction

3409 S High Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73129

Pizano Construction & More in Oklahoma City, OK is ageneral contractor specializing in residenti...

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Innovative Construction & Roofing

2236 NW 10th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73107

Choosing the right St. Louis roofing contractor can have a big impact on the value of your home or b...

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