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Admitted to the Union in 1912, New Mexico is the 47th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 2,117,522 people, and ranks as the 5th largest state, occupying an area of 314,918 km2. A state known for its overall moderate and pleasant climate, New Mexico has large areas where arid and semi-arid climate prevails, but with pockets of alpine and continental climates in places of higher elevation. Precipitation levels here are low - the state gets an average of 13.7 inches annually, most of which is concentrated in the southern part of the state, and during the summers. 

New Mexico in general is sparse when it comes to population - not many people live here. In fact, one may find an abundance of non-residential properties instead. But either way, anyone who owns property here has the ability of its roofing systems to tolerate the heat and help regulate indoor temperature on their priority list. Slate, wooden shakes and asphalt all fit this bill, though asphalt tends to be the most popular one on accounts of its durability. Those looking for something more opt for thermoplastic and metal - either alone or in combination with asphalt. And those who also have design appeal on their priority list opt for materials such as tile or wood - which while being high-maintenance tremendously boosts curb appeal.

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