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Admitted to the Union in the year 1788, New Hampshire is the 9th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 1,377,529 people, and ranks as the 46th largest state, occupying an area of 24,214 km2. New Hampshire is one of the coldest states in the country - its average daily highest temperature is all of 15 degrees Celsius. The state uniformly experiences humid continental climate - leaning towards sub-arctic towards the north - with mildly warm summers and long, freezing winters. The state receives a healthy amount of precipitation, and snowfall accounts for a large part of it - New Hampshire receives around 60 inches of snowfall on an average annually.

New Hampshire’s properties’ key requirement is to have a roofing system that can survive the extreme cold weather year after year, without high maintenance. The state is often referred to the ‘Mecca’ of metal roofing - despite the efficiency of asphalt, people gravitate towards it as metal can handle the extreme cold weather and snowfall with very little damage. That being said, those looking for affordable roofs for small spaces - where metal roofs would qualify as too much - go for asphalt shingles. Yet others who wish to conserve electricity use roofs that have solar panels added to them.

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