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Admitted to the Union in the year 1821, Missouri is the 24th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 6,154,913 people, and ranks as the 21st largest state, occupying an area of 180,540 km². It is known for its subtropical, humid climate - having long and hot summers, and relatively cooler - but shorter winters. The state is constantly susceptible to the paradoxical forces of the warm, dry winds of the southwest and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico (making up for its summers), and Arctic winds via Canada (which makes up the state’s winters). The level of rainfall - which varies between 35 to 50 inches in the state - is just enough for cultivation. Snowfall in Missouri is on the minimal side, and mostly concentrated between the months of December and February. Its most defining feature, however, is the fact that it lies within the “tornado alley,” experiencing upwards of 25 twisters every year.

Simply being in “tornado alley” avails Missouri property owners to make it their top priority to have roofs that can withstand the tornadoes and sustain the minimum possible damage. This depends very heavily on the combination of materials used and design utilized. These are perhaps the reasons why flat roofs tend to be among the first choices - be it for residential or commercial properties. Besides being cheap to build and require little building materials, they offer very little resistance, and can work superbly on both old and new-style homes. This makes it a great option, especially for homeowners with older homes looking to make a change - without burning a hole in their pocket. Aside from these, gable and hip roofs are widely in use, though largely with homeowners as they weather storms well while providing better ventilations to attics. Asphalt, cedar and slate are the most commonly-used materials.

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