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Admitted to the Union in the year 1817, Mississippi is the 20th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 2,961,279 people, and ranks as the 32nd largest state, occupying an area of 125,438 km². It is one of 5 ‘Gulf States’ in the country, and therefore enjoys a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot and humid long summers with shorter but milder winters. The state experiences a fair amount of rain as well as snowfall, though instances of either being heavy are few and far between. Much like other gulf states, Mississippi is often vulnerable to seasonal hurricanes from the Gulf of Mexico - the state has suffered from hurricanes of the like of Hurricane Camille (1969); and Hurricane Katrina (2005).

The largely hot and humid weather of Mississippi warrants homeowners to have roofs that are first and foremost resilient enough to withstand the excess heat, and can successfully keep as much moisture out as possible. This makes metal roofs extremely popular, as they can both withstand the heat and cold, and with some clever engineering, can also help control temperature and moisture levels. Metal roofs come in three distinct styles - standing seam roofs (which use metal sheets joined together and have raised seams), corrugated metal roofs (which use flat panels of corrugated metal), and metal shingles (replacing those made from asphalt or slate). A wide variety of metals are also used, which includes aluminum, copper, steel - and sometimes a combination of all the three.

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