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Roofing Installation is the process of having a new roof added to your building or structure. It differs from roof replacement because roofing installation generally refers to a brand new building, however, the two are often synonomous. A new roof can be installed over an existing roof in some cases and generally that involves replacing the sheathing, insulation paper and exterior roof material. In a full roofing installation job, generally the foundation (known as the truss or trusses) are installed and then the outer layers of materials are applied.


Each type of roof (rubber, flat, metal, tin, tile, slate, etc.) has a unique installation process because each type of roof requires different supporting materials. In most cases, a professional roofing installation company is required because of the importance of the installation to the protection of the home. Keep in mind that many roofing companies do not specialize or even sometime handle the installation process at all. In the following information you will learn about the general roof installation process and how to find the best roofing installation contractors and get the best pricing from those local companies.



Roof Installation Process


The process of roof installation does vary depending on the roofing material, however, in many cases the roof installation process goes like this:


Ordering and Preparing the Trusses:

The truss structures must be designed properly in order to fit the specific shape, design and support needs of your particular home, building or structure. Most often an experienced roof contractor is the best for this part of the task because a wrong assumption can be costly in short time. Truss installation (or roof framing) is perhaps the most important part of the whole roof installation process because the trusses are the structure and base of your roof for its entire life.


Installing the Sheathing:

The sheathing is a wood underlay of your roof which is installed on top of the trusses. The sheathing needs to be installed with no overhang and placed together in a very snug and fit manner. Depending on the level of slope and stability needed in the roof, the sheathing must be installed in a staggering way and may also require certain installation parts like clips and special screws. A professional roofing install contractor is also important for this part of the roof installation.


Adding Tar Paper:

Another level of protection from weather and climate is the tar paper of your roof. For anyone who is interested in doing something DIY for their roof install, this is the part. As long as the tar paper is measured properly, covers the roof fully, is smoothed out and stapled in properly, then the DIY'er usually gets it right.


Flashing Installation:

Flashing is sometimes required as an additional method to run water away from your roof. Flashing can be purchased and installed by the roofing DIY specialist as well, although a professional roofing installation company may also want to handle this. In some rainy and wet parts of the world, an additional sealing / waterproofing membrane may also be added to the roof (on top of the sheathing and tar paper) to add an extra layer of protection from the elements.


Shingle / Roof Material Installation:

The most tedious part of the roofing installation process from start to finish is the shingle or exterior material install. Starting with the laying of the first row of shingles and ending with caulking and finishing, this step is crucial to the overall function and protective power of the roof. When done incorrectly gutters may not work properly, the roof may leak and energy and money can be wasted. Metal roof installation is perhaps the most applicable material to the DIY experts. However, a roofing installation company is highly recommended for this step. Special tools, safety equipment and materials are required.


Roof Installation Contractors


In a best case scenario you would have three to four estimates for your roof installation that you could compare to save the most money. You also want to be sure that the companies you are dealing with are prescreened for experience, licensing and are bonded. Fortunately, we can help with all of that. If you fill out the form on the right, you can receive up to four free roof installation estimates from local specialists. These installation contractors have been prescreened by a third party. We have the whole country covered, too, so no matter where you live you will receive competing roof installation pricing.

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Some of the roofing materials our roofing installation companies commonly serve are:
Foam, Vinyl, Rubber, Tile, Roll Roof, Tin, Sheet Metal, Asphalt, Copper, Shake, Wood and any other form or roofing.

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