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Admitted to the Union in the year 1788, Connecticut is the 5th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 3,546,588 people, and ranks as the 48th largest (or 3rd smallest) state, occupying an area of 14,357km². The climate of this state can be best described as being on the edge of the southernmost section of the humid continental climate and the northernmost section of the humid subtropical climate. Weather patterns in Connecticut can be divided into two main parts - the Northern section, which gets cold winters and medium snowfall, and the Southern and coastal areas, which see moderate summers, cool winters and along with some snow and rain. 

Given the rather moderate nature of Connecticut weather situations, the main requirement for roofs here is to offer a good level of protection, while staying strong against the occasional higher-than-average cold spells. This makes shingles, primarily those made up of asphalt and fiberglass as the most commonly used materials, as they offer high durability while staying light. Slate is also commonly used - while it does not always offer an aesthetic appeal, its durability is practically unmatched. Tiles made of concrete and clay are also used - and in many cases these are used together using an interlocking method - this is typically used in hotter areas for better temperature regulation. In recent years, rubber roofing systems have become popular - they can be used alone or in conjunction with other roofing types, and offer added insulation with little extra weight. Wooden shakes and shingles (typically made from cedar wood) are also in use, though their popularity has declined in recent years in the light of new innovations. 

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