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Admitted to the Union in the year 1876, Colorado is the 38th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 5,961,083 people, and ranks as the 8th largest state, occupying an area of 269,601 km². Compared to its sister mountain states, Colorado’s climatic situation is a more of a mixed bag of regions experiencing varying situations, depending on several key factors such as latitude, continental position, elevation, topography and winter storm track position. Also, unlike other states, the southern part of Colorado is no warmer than its northern part. The state is largely made up of desert lands, high plains, mountains and foothills. Desert lands are mostly present in southern and south-western Colorado (alongside mountainous areas), while a mix of mountains, foothills and high plains make up the northern part of the state. Meanwhile the southeast, east and northeast regions are largely high plains. Generally, the Eastern Plains enjoy a semi-arid climate, while the foothills enjoy an Alpine-type climate.

Staying insulated from the cold is the major priority for any Colorado properties, and for that reason, residential properties need roofs that can withstand the cold and cyclonic situations, and hail and snow build-up. There are four types of roofs commonly used here - hipped roofs, flat roofs, gable roofs and gambrel roofs. Hip roofs are by far the most common out of these, with their inward slope made up of materials such as tiles, shakes and shingles. They offer better performance and stability in areas facing high wind. Flat roofs are used for larger-sized buildings such as warehouses, malls and retail stores. They are also handy in homes that use solar panels for their main power supply. Gable roofs use a combination of different materials, and are used for standalone homes in relatively stable areas, where there may be temperature extremes. Gambrel roofs largely resemble barn roofs, and are used for spaces that require basic protection at an affordable cost.


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