The use of steel is extremely common and there is a major reason why this is the case. Not only is it sturdy, rustproof and immune to discoloration, it is also low-maintenance and cost-efficient. Steel is used in roofing systems across both residential and commercial properties. Specifically, steel roofs offer certain advantages that their conventional counterparts cannot. They offer high durability while also being lightweight - which puts less pressure on the structure itself. They are also impervious to termites and insects which feed on materials like wood. Last but not least, they can easily be recycled into new roofs should they be out of use.

A variety of roofing types utilize steel as their primary material. This includes standing seam metal roofing (where panels overlap with each other), corrugated roofing (which have long metal sheets with alternate valleys and ridges), ribbed roofing (large panels with ribs), and metal shingles (which can be used to mimic the look of asphalt or slate). Yet other types of roofs that use steel include stone-coated roofing (which use a coating of stone granules on steel sheets), painted metals (where the roofs are painted specific colors based on the prevailing weather conditions) and galvalume roofing (where the steel is coating with an aluminum and zinc alloy). is dedicated to finding the best steel roofing contractors from all over the United States.

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