Tile roofing is a specific roofing system where small units (called ‘tiles’) are made from one or more materials (such as slate, clay or metal) and are then assembled together to create a sturdy roof. This format renders a very unique look, which is why it is popular among those looking for an aesthetic edge. Tile roofs are most often used on residential properties - even though there are examples of these being used on commercial ones. They also tend to be popular in areas with a stronger influence of Mediterranean architectural styles. Tile roofs can offer a classic and vintage appearance, while incorporating all that any modern roof today would provide.

While tile roofing systems follow the same basic structure, there are different variations. Each of these come with their distinct set of advantages. Clay tiles are the most common among these, and have several subtypes based on material and shape, like the Spanish S-Tile (often used for classic architecture), terracotta clay tiles, and mission tiles (which are flat in appearance and used often in rustic settings). In recent years, metal tiles have gained popularity - made from materials like copper, aluminum and steel (some made to look like clay), these offer a dual advantage against rain, hail and snow while maintaining a similar design aesthetic. Roofing-Directory.com is dedicated to finding the best tile roofing contractors from all over the United States.

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