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Admitted to the Union in the year 1850, California is the 31st state of the United States. It is home to roughly 39,664,128 people, and ranks as the 3rd largest state, occupying an area of 423,970 km². A state known for its year-round hospitable weather, California’s climate tends to range anywhere between an alpine tundra and a hot desert, depending on the area’s elevation, latitudinal position and closeness (or lack thereof) to the coast. The coastal areas of the state, along with a majority of the Central Valley and the foothills of Sierra Nevada enjoy a Mediterranean-type climate - having warm and dry summers, with relatively cooler wetter winters. Precipitation varies from one area to another - the state has both some of the wettest and the driest places in the country. In recent years, California - especially its inland areas - have been devastated by rampant wildfires, and displaced thousands of people.

Quite unsurprisingly, California uses a wide range of roof types - while efficiency is always the top priority, other factors such as aesthetics, and the recent spate of wildfires have led residents to look for more than the basics when it comes to their roofing systems. By far, Asphalt Shingles are largely used in the states, due to the fact that they are both resilient and adaptive in face of changing weather situations. Metal roofing, however, are growing largely in popularity due to their fire-proof properties - both for residential and non-residential properties. Usually, modern roofs are made from metal or shingles, Spanish-style homes have roofs made with concrete tiles, Mediterranean-Style homes (which are somewhat Spanish influenced) use tiles and stucco. Craftsman homes - a style unique to this state, however, tend to use roofs built from a combination of materials to justify their artistic value.


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