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Sacramento, the State Capital of the great State of California (CA) is a bustling city with a strong economic foundation. Located in the Central Valley, Sacramento got its legs as a distribution point during the gold rush time period and ever since has been a hub for industry and technology. The Sacramento area is graced with warm summers and very moderate winter temperatures. However, warm summers may be an understatement. It can be hot.

The summer heat means that the Sacramento, CA area residents need to protect their homes and insulate them well. This is important because area residents are concious about energy consumption and protecting the roof is the first line of defense for maintaining a gree focus.

Fortunately, there are many skilled roofing companies in the area. Roofing-Directory provides the clear and easy to use resource to finding local Sacramento roofing contractors. Our list of roofing companies will be able to provide you with free repair or replacement estimates, and all you have to do is fill out the form on the right. Tell us about your Sacramento roof project and let us know if this project is urgent or something you are planning for down the road. We will place up to four local Sacramento companies in touch ASAP.

What Roofing Materials Do Sacramento Homeowners Choose Most Frequently

Choosing a roof is one of the most important tasks most homeowners will eventually have to face. A roof provides structure and security, but it can also provide significant amounts of stress if the right materials are not used to construct it. The most frequently chosen materials used for roof construction by homeowners in Sacramento will be discussed in the following article. The reasons why such materials are chosen will also be reviewed.

Wood roofs are quite popular choices for roofing materials among homeowners in Sacramento. This comes as a contrast to the choices made by homeowners in many other parts of the country, as roofs made from wooden materials tend to require more maintenance than the average shingle roof.

However, because the climate in Sacramento tends to be a mild one, roofs made from wood in the area tend to suffer less damage over time, which means homeowners in Sacramento can afford to pay more attention to form and aesthetics than functionality and pure durability. Wood roofing has a distinctive look that many people find appealing, which partially explains the popularity of wooden roofing materials in Sacramento.

Similarly, composite roofs made partially from wood and other materials are also more likely to be seen in Sacramento than in other regions of the country. These composite roofs are designed to look like wood while requiring significantly less maintenance from homeowners who are interested in the aesthetic appeal of wood but who don't want to have to keep it looking good all the time.

Metal roofs are another commonly seen roofing material choice selected by homeowners throughout the Sacramento region. In fact, metal roofs are becoming more commonly seen all over the country. The truth is that metal roofs in the past had a bad reputation since they tended to rust quickly whenever it rained. They also were likely to create very loud drumming sounds when it rained.

However, modern metal roofs are significantly more resistant to rust and they have been engineered to be much quieter during rain, which makes them a more desirable option among Sacramento homeowners who want the aesthetics and durability of metal without the inconveniences of metal roofs in the past.

A good quality metal roof made today can last for at least 40 years in a Sacramento climate, and they tend to require next to no maintenance. However, because they are made from metal, they are naturally less capable of insulation, which means one needs to install more installation in order to keep one's home at peak thermal efficiency.

Finally, asphalt roofs have not fallen out of favor with homeowners in Sacramento, even though they are a more traditional choice. They are highly cost effective and asphalt roofs remain the most commonly chosen roofing materials throughout the country. They can be installed relatively easily and repaired without too much trouble, but they have a reputation for not lasting as long. However, in the relatively mild climate of Sacramento, they can potentially last for decades when constructed well.

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