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Your Cal home's roof is one of the most important parts which protects the rest of your home from Mother Nature's harmful effects.  This means it's extremely important to keep your California roof in pristine condition to avoid serious problems down the road.  If your roof is consistantly needing repairs or is just aged to the point of no return you're going to want to have a very skilled and experienced professional roofing contractor replace it for you.

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Luckily Roofing-Directory's knowledgeable staff has pre-screened California's (CA) highest quality roofing contractors.  These fully licensed and insured roofing replacement and installation contractors are the highest quality in the area.  We want to set you up for free estimates for all of your home's roofing needs.  Compare these local roofing replacement quotes and save big on your next major home improvement project!

The Average Value that a Roof Replacement Adds to a California Home

In most cases, a new roof is not going to add a tremendous amount of resale value to your home. The roof is often considered to be typical home maintenance and it is difficult to get a lot of great value out of a new roof. A new roof will truly help you to resell your home though because it looks great for any potential buyer. It is also something that will not slow up the process for selling your home. Buyers understand that a new roof can be an expensive purchase, and they do not want to add the extra amount of money to fix the roof. The value will come into play more because the buyers will not ask for a concession on the cost of repairing or replacing the roof. It is imperative that you take the time to consider the type of roofing option that you want to make your home more valuable to the eye of the prospective buyer. The roofing industry continues to design newer and better roofing options, so take the time to find the right style and function for your home. Some companies have actually created shingles that come with a lifetime guarantee, and these types of roofs will increase your home's value exponentially. A new homebuyer will never have to put a new roof on the house and this will increase your home's value.

A typical new roof in Northern California can give you some added value. The value is typically about 1/8-1/4 of the cost of the new roof. This number is in line or maybe a little higher than in Southern California. By adding a $10,000 roof to your home, you may expect to add a value of about $2,500 at the most. This number is probably higher than you will actually get with the current state of the market. Homes in Southern California may add about $2,000 of value with a new roof based on the example. It is important to remember that the new roof will help your home to sell faster, and a good realtor will be able to bring you in more because of the great roof. The actual value of a new roof therefore cannot be measured completely by the amount of money that you get out of it. The value comes at the time of resell when you do not have to make concessions to get a new roof for the buyers, and it really will be a key selling point to get your property sold faster.

The value of a new roof cannot be measured by resell value alone. A great roof can also help to lower your home heating and cooling costs. The scorching heat of the California sun can really make some homes unbearable, especially without air conditioning. The cooling costs alone can be huge with an air conditioner, but a new roof will really help to keep your home cooler by keeping all of the cool air in your home. Many of the newer roofing styles also help to lower the amount of heat that actually gets into your home by absorbing or reflecting the heat away. A typical homeowner may be able to see up to 15 percent lower costs in home heating and cooling bills each month.

A new roof on your home will save you money while you own the home, and it will save the new home owners money as well. Unless you pay an extraordinary amount of money for your new roof, you will not likely gain an immense amount of resale value. You will be able to sell your home faster though, and that, in itself, is extremely valuable in today's real estate market.

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California Energy Benefits to Roof Replacement
Did you know that there are now a number of green roofing options as well as a number of advancements in the past several years to roof types that will save you money and conserve energy and resources? Roofing contractors across California are among the most advanced at offering green roof replacement options in their material and service portfolios. If you fill out the form on the right and request a free estimate, be sure to ask these roofers about their green roofing options in California.

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