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Do you have a leaking roof that needs to be fixed ASAP in NorCal or SoCal (or in between)?  Or maybe you've just noticed that some of your shingles have blown off in the past storm.  Roofing problems can turn into major ordeals that can cause some serious damage.  With this in mind, once you notice any kind of problem you should consult a local California area roofing repair contractor to figure out what your options are.

Roofing-Directory has pre-screened the west coast's best roofing repair contractors, saving you time and stress.  All of our hand selected, California (CA) licensed and insured roofers are ready to give you free estimates on all of their roofing repair services.  When you compare free estimates from these local roof repair contractors you're sure to find the perfect roof contractor for whatever your repair needs may be.  Get started now and fix your Cal home's roof as quickly as possible, to avoid any further damage to your investment.

The Average Cost of California's Most Common Roof Repair Projects

Roof, siding, and interior repairs are all necessary projects that must be executed at some point in time for homeowners. Although home repairs may be costly, they are necessary in order to retain the value of a home and keep it within acceptable living standards. However, paying for home repair estimates, repair, and essential materials can add up quickly, leaving home owners with extensive repair bills. In order to plan for these unexpected repairs, it is beneficial for homeowners to understand the most common types of issues that require repair within a home and the accepted plan of action for these occurrences. One of the most essential structures of a house--the roof--requires crucial planning before repairs are incurred. In general, this structure does not last indefinitely and could possibly require frequent, extensive repairs throughout the period of ownership.

Common Roof Repair Projects in California
As with any other type of repair, the climate in which one lives plays a huge role in the nature of the repair itself. Constant heat from the sun and dry heat take a toll on roofs, especially in sunny climates in states such as California. Therefore, one common roof repair issue involves the issue of dry rot. Dry rot occurs when wood is weakened by certain types of fungus. Thus, dry rot can reduce the stability of a roof, causing danger to family members residing in the home. The weakened wood is often dry, as the fungus dissolves wood elements that are responsible for strength and stiffness. Depending on the extent of dry rot, homeowners may be able to simply repair the damaged areas. However, if this issue has spread significantly throughout the roof, then a complete replacement project may be necessary. Therefore, there is vritually no feasible way to estimate the cost of a roof repair involving dry rot, because it extensively depends on the extent of the root. In general, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $2,000 and more, depending on the individual situation.
In addition to dry rot, another common roof repair involves missing or damaged roof coverage. While some homeowners opt for common shingles, others prefer clay tiles or wood shingles. These items can easily become damaged and lead to leakage within a home's attic or living space. By hiring an experienced roof repair expert, homeowners can receive an estimate for repairs and other solutions that may assist in resolving the issue at hand with reduced out-of-pocket costs. The number of shingles or tiles are damaged will determine the cost of repair in these situations. In general, repairing a one-foot square area of shingles can cost between $100 to $350, including the use of a roofing company. However, merely replacing a few shingles may only cost $90 to $130, depending on the type of shingles utilized. Yet, wooden singles and tile-like shingles are more expensive in nature. In addition, flashing replacement around chimneys and repair involving a skylight (and/or the flashing around it) may cost much more than these initial estimates.

Things to Consider
When considering a roof repair estimate, homeowners should consider what services/repairs are included within the cost. Cost comparisons between roofing companies are necessary in order to ensure customers find the best pricing and contract requirements for roof repair. General roof repairs can range in price from $50 to the price of a new roof, unfortunately. In addition, routine roof maintenance can help prevent further issues and can ensure the life of a new roof or recent repairs.

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