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Admitted to the Union in the year 1836, Arkansas is the 25th state of the United States. It is home to roughly 3,042,017 people, and ranks as the 29th largest state, occupying an area of 137,732 km2. The state largely enjoys a humid subtropical climate, having hot, humid summers and milder winters. Despite that, however, Arkansas is known to have certain weather extremes run through it. The northern part of the state is relatively more susceptible to colder weather, and faces ice storms, and high levels of precipitation. The southern part is comparatively drier. As Arkansas lies within the tornado alley, it is extremely vulnerable to tornadoes, hurricanes, and cyclonic weather in general. Not only does the state see up to 60 days of thunderstorm activity per year, it has had some of the deadliest tornadoes and tropical storms in the country pass right through it.

Arkansas is a state known for facing harsh hurricanes and tornadoes, and prolonged downpours of rain, hail and even snow. Their main need is to have a roof that can withstand a large amount of battering without giving way. While materials are definitely key to making sturdy roofs here, there is a larger focus on the design and structure of things. Take for example, Gable roofs, which tend to be popular here - unlike most roofs that use one or two materials, these use several of them. An average gabled roof is made with the combination of asphalt and/or cedar shingles, slate, concrete or clay tiles and even shakes. Gable roofs can be of several types on the basis of the type of house they will cover - this includes a Dutch-style gale roof and cross gable roof, among others. Another popular type of roof in use here is a hipped roof, which has four slides that slope up to make the roof. These offer key advantage in areas with lots of snow and hail, as it actively prevents buildup.

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