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Why Terra Cotta Roofing is So Popular in Southern California

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Terra Cotta Roofing has become more and more popular in  Southern California area over the past few years. Terra Cotta roofs are put together using shingles made out of clay. The term Terra Cotta derives from Latin, meaning baked earth. Terra Cotta has been used for thousands of years to build everything from pots and sculptures to the roofing tiles that they are often used for today. The following are five reasons for Terra Cotta roofing’s growing popularity in Southern California.

1. Fire Resistance

Terra Cotta is one of the few materials used for roofing that offers resistance to fire. This is a huge advantage over a number of different materials for several reasons. If the building includes a fireplace there is always the chance that any flying ashes or coals can cause the roof to be lit ablaze. If the home is near a lot of trees, happens to be in a populated area, and/or is near a lot of power lines, it can be more susceptible to accidental fires than homes in other areas. Having a Terra Cotta roof in place will prevent the roof from catching fire. This is most likely the number one draw to having a Terra Cotta roof in Southern California. Forest fires break out all the time in southern California, in fact, the state is notorious for it. The last thing they need is a building accidentally catching fire and spreading. Having Terra Cotta roofs in place keeps the fire from spreading rapidly in a populated area. And there are a lot of populated areas in Southern California. Los Angeles alone has over ten million inhabitants. That’s a lot of power lines and homes congested together.

2. Insulation

Because roof tiles made out of Terra Cotta are much more dense, they help provide more insulation than any other type of roof. They help reflect the sun’s heat, keeping the home cooler. This is a huge advantage in the southern California climate, where temperatures rarely drop below fifty. And it keeps the home warm during the winter as well. This has a great affect on energy savings too, helping to keep energy bills low.

3. Long Lasting

Terra Cotta roof shingles have a tendency to last much longer than any other roofing material, up to two to three times as long in some cases. Although a little pricier than the average roof, Terra Cotta roofs may not have to be replaced for an entire life span.

4. Durability

Terra Cotta roofing holds up well in all weather conditions, as well as being resistant to insects and birds. Because of this, it requires much fewer repairs than most other roofs, and most of the time the only repair required is the replacement of a broken shingle.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Terra Cotta roofs are made out of clay, which is a natural resource that will not run out any time soon, and the process of making Terra Cotta shingles has little effect on the environment. Because they last so long, replacements do not have to be made often, resulting in less wasted material.

These are five reasons that Terra Cotta shingles are becoming more and more popular, especially in Southern California, where they have an even more positive effect.

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