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One Common Maryland Roofing Problem that is Easily Repaired

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Maryland homes are subject to intense storms on a regular basis. The Chesapeake Bay splits the state in half, and acts as a funnel for hurricanes. Hurricanes and tropical storms work their way up the coast and cause immense damage to buildings throughout the state. Ensuring prompt response is essential, and professional contractors can help home and commercial property owners with several issues. These contractors are fully licensed and insured. Maryland has a unique program in place that protects homeowners. The Maryland Home Improvement Contractors license is granted by the State Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations.

Residents can rest assured when they choose a licensed contractor to handle their storm repairs. These firms should have an MHIC number. This provides protection, and Maryland actually provides financial remedies in the event of a problem. Contractors are required to submit detailed financial reports prior to licensure. The state also tests for practical knowledge and ensures that contractors have the skills that are required by the general public.

Several issues can occur as a result of high winds during hurricanes and tropical storms. Asphalt shingles are one of the most common products in the Maryland residential roofing industry. They are an economical product that offers years of service. The only problem occurs in high winds. Sometimes, shingles will blow off the roof. This creates a dangerous situation and can lead to leaks. Local contractors can remedy this issue, and many homeowners rely on a preventive maintenance inspection after storm season. This is a great way to have a professional inspect a home’s condition and make any minor repairs. Most jobs are covered by homeowner’s insurance, and contractors will often help with the claims process.

Leaks may also occur after a storm because of missing flashing. Flashing is an essential component of roofs. It is usually a metal and prevents water access at roof obstructions. Flashing is installed around chimneys and exterior wall lines. It is feathered between each course of shingles and extends up the wall. Flashing can be damaged in storms and may even blow off. Inferior installations can also lead to leaks. Inspectors can check flashings to ensure that they have been installed in accordance with industry standards.

Commercial properties can also be hit severely by storms, and Maryland contractors are experienced with this issue. High rain and heavy winds can be too much for the roofing system on commercial buildings. Most structures have a flat roof and rely on drains to get rid of the water. The drains are usually up to the job, however, during heavy rain the water can easily build up on the roof’s surface. This creates a dangerous situation and can lead to leaks. Contractors usually have emergency crews that can respond to any type of problem. Experts can get rid of any standing water and ensure that any leaks are repaired.

Maryland homes and commercial buildings are prone to excessive storm damage each year. The area is a magnet for hurricanes and tropical storms. These hit the region on a regular basis and cause thousands of dollars in property damage. High winds are responsible for blowing asphalt shingles off a roof. Replacing these is essential, and most repairs are covered by homeowner’s insurance. Contractors should have their MHIC license, and this provides an added level of protection. Commercial property owners can also rely on professional contractors to help with storm damage. Hurricanes have high winds and rain. Heavy rain can inundate a roof and lead to a number of problems. Emergency services are essential, and experts can remove water from the top of a structure.

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