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Prepair Your Roof for Hurricane Season

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Home and business owners in the Southeast, especially Florida, are no strangers to the hurricane season.  The end of the summer until mid fall marks the annual hurricane season, which means extremely strong winds and high amounts of rainfall.  As anyone who as simply seen a hurricane on television can tell, these furious feats of Mother Nature can cause some serious damage to any buildings they tear through. 

Florida (FL) roofs especially, feel the blunt force of hurricanes.  Roofs are designed to route water away from the home’s vital internal systems, and when they fail to do so large problems are sure to follow.  That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure your home or office’s roof is ready for the upcoming hurricane season.

Giving your buildings roof a proper inspection is the most overlooked but important action you can take to get your roof ready for the weather.  Homeowners can do a quick visual inspection to look for missing or damaged shingles, bent flashings or failing gutter systems.  All of these can lead to major problems down the road.  It’s highly recommended that you contact a professional to give your roof a thorough inspection which includes walking the entire roof to find trouble spots that might not be visible from the ground.  Professional roof inspectors will be able to tell you exactly what your options will be after finding any underlying issues.

Once you have properly identified any issues on your roof, you will want to have them repaired immediately.  Because water damage can spread so quickly, repairs must be started as soon as possible.  Be sure to use a skilled contractor to properly fix any problems on your roof.  Sometimes you’ll need to replace a large section to ensure problems won’t return.  Roofing repair is not a project you want to cut corners on just to save some cash.  You’re sure to have bigger more costly problems after hurricane season if you do.

Lastly, even the strongest roofs can be no match for some of Mother Nature’s most vicious hurricanes.  This means that even a brand new roof can sustain some damage, which means no matter how ready your roof is there is certainly a chance you’ll need to work on it afterwards.  The key here as always is to make your repairs as quickly as possible.  In Florida you never know when the next strong rain will come, so fixing issues in a timely manner will prevent any further damage from leaks in your roof.

Just remember to make sure your roof is ready for the next hurricane season and keep it that way throughout the entire time.  Doing so will save you as much stress and money as possible when the weather is at it’s worst.