Best little roofing company in Miami can maintain your roof cost effectively as a roof repair and leak detection specialist. When the roof is too old for repairs to be practical we can help choose the best roof replacement option. We offer expert installations of shingle roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs and flat roof applications. Roofer Mike offers the strongest warranty program in the Miami roofing industry. Our roof repairs outlast the existing roof.

Home ownership is the biggest long term investment most of us will make. As one of the best residential roofing contractors in Miami Roofer Mike Inc can help protect that investment, maintaining your roof as cost effectively as possible.

Roofer Mike is a roof repair and leak detection specialist and features a variety of maintenance applications, including elastomeric coatings. Unfortunately, when a roof is too old and worn for maintenance or repairs to be practical, it must be replaced.

The Miami roofing market is unique due to its tropical climate and features its own methods and range of systems. Roofer Mike can assist in choosing the best option for your roof. We offer expert installations of shingle roofs, concrete tile and clay tile roofs, metal roofs and various flat roof applications.

We endorse Cool Roof and Green Roofing concepts such as ventilation, insulation and reflectivity in residential roof designs which reduce cooling costs as well as extend the life of the roof.

Roofer Mike Inc strictly adheres to the Florida Building Code and pulls permits according to local building departments. We offer one of the strongest warranty programs in the Miami roofing industry because of the confidence we have in our installations. Our roof repairs are designed to outlast the existing roof.

When you require the services of a roofing company, Roofer Mike Inc is happy to answer any questions about your roof. We invite you to browse our site and please feel free to contact us.

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