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Why You Must Replace Your Roof More Frequently When You Live in the Midwest

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Homeowners in the Midwest have to replace their roofs much more frequently than everyone else. Extreme weather is really the biggest reason for this. Far from the climate-calming oceans, the Midwest generally has much colder winters than the rest of the country. Harsh temperatures, heavy blizzards and ice will put a lot of strain on roofs. Winter in Nebraska, for example, can get as cold as 40 degrees below 0, while summer temperatures can reach 100. Hail storms in the Midwest can create icy projectiles as large as baseballs, a phenomenon rarely experienced elsewhere in the US. All that ice beating down on a roof really doesn’t help it’s longevity. Let’s not forget that all that flat land breeds hundreds of tornadoes every Spring, which can rip a Kansas or Missouri roof to shreds. Thanks to Mother Nature, Midwestern roofs have the shortest life span. The unforgiving weather of this region makes a good, sturdy roof all the more important. All the weight of snow and ice sitting on your roof for days and weeks can get dangerous if your roof isn’t in top condition. Repairs only go so far, and a full replacement will be needed every so often to ensure the safety of your home. It’s good to have a nice strong roof over your head when a 5 foot snowfall is on its way. The good news for Midwestern homeowners is that roof replacements in the Midwest generally cost less than they do everywhere else.