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The Benefits of Flat Roofing

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Sloped roofs are a popular choice in homes. They make rain and snow run off of the roof easier and many people like the way sloped roofs look. However, they do come with their disadvantages. For example, because slanted roofs allow snow and rain to run off of the roof easier it causes some problems like icicle buildup in winter. In addition, the snow that doesn’t come off on its own is difficult to remove. You usually need a roof rake or professional help or equipment to help you get the snow off. Slanted roofs are also dangerous to stand on if you need to repair them or get things like branches or snow off the roof.

Flat roofs are becoming more popular for both homeowners and business owners because of the benefits they offer. The first benefit is that it is safer to climb onto and work on than sloped roofs. Flat roofs are not entirely flat, in fact they purposely have a slight slope to them to help drain off water and snow, but they are much easier to stand on than roofs with dramatic slopes. This allows you to make repairs or maintenance more easily and safely than on a sloped roof.

Flat roofs may seem to have a big disadvantage with areas that get a lot of snow. Sloped roofs are supposed to have the advantage over flat roofs because they allow for so much run off, right? It’s true that flat roofs do not allow for as much run off as sloped roofs and can accumulate a lot of snow over time. However, flat roofs allow you to easily and safely climb onto the roof to remove the snow. It also eliminates the need for roof rakes or hiring people to help you clean off your roof.

Flat roofs also allow you to turn your roof into your own personal area. As long as it’s done properly, a flat roof can accommodate for gardens, a spot for sunbathing and more. A flat roof can also be a great spot to install solar panels as it can absorb sunlight throughout most of the day if it’s in an open area. Solar panels installed on sloped roofs do not have such a large window of time to collect sunlight because they’re usually facing one direction.

Whether the building is being used as a home or a place of business, a flat roof can give you many benefits that a sloped roof can’t provide.

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  • The Benefits of Flat Roofing

    Tags: Roofing, Replacement, Commercial, Installation, Flat Roofing

    Sloped roofs are a popular choice in homes. They make rain and snow run off of the roof easier and many people like the way sloped roofs look.

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    Tags: Roofing, Commercial, Flat Roofing

    Typically commercial roofing projects are Low-Slope systems which are usually constructed of three main components. The first is a weatherproofing layer which is the most important to a roof and building because it is the main layer of protection from the most damaging natural elements. The second is a reinforcement layer. This increases the strength of the roof and helps with puncture resistance and roof stability. The third and final layer is the roofs surface. The surfacing component protects the other elements from water, sunlight and other damaging effects. Other surfacings can provide increased hail and fire resistance, and solar reflectivity.


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