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The Average Cost of Metal Roofing

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The Average Cost of Metal Roofing

An average metal roof will normally cost about three times more that a conventional asphalt roof. Metal roofing materials are more costly, and the installation process is technical, requiring special skills with detailed training for each metal roofing system. Metal roof installation is usually time-consuming and tedious, calling for patience and precision and generally takes approximately two or three times longer to install than conventional asphalt roofing. However, metal roofs normally last two to three times longer than regular roofs, with average life spans of 40 to 60 years, compared to the 12 to 20 year life expectancy of asphalt roofs.


Although metal roofing is more costly than asphalt shingle roofing, it is comparable in price to tile and cedar shake roofing. However, a correctly installed metal roof will last much longer than a tile or cedar shake roof. Metal roofing is less expensive than natural slate and copper roofing though, usually costing two to three times less than those materials.

The Value and Money Savings of Metal Roofing

While a metal roof may be more costly than an asphalt roof initially, it usually provides significant energy savings. The metal reflects sunlight, and many people have decreased their cooling costs alone by as much as 20 to 40 percent after installing a metal roof. Additionally, metal roofs provide dependable protection against weather damage for a home’s interior and may contribute to lowering insurance costs, and they do not require maintenance. The value of a home will increase considerably after installation of metal roofing as well, and homeowners generally recoup an average 85.9 percent of the cost of their metal roofs when they sell their homes. Most metal roofs have warranties of 30 to 50 years, which is an indication of their quality and expected long life.

Average Price of Metal Roof Materials

The average cost of a mid-grade metal roof is about $5.25 per square foot for the roofing material, while low-grade metal roofing costs around $1.35 per square foot, and some of the high-grade metal roofing materials average about $11.00 per square foot. Therefore, materials for a 2,500 square foot metal roof can cost from about $3,375 to $25,500 with an average of around $13,125. A larger roof of 5,000 square feet may cost about $6,750 for lower-grade metal roofing to $51,000 for the high-grade roofing with an average of about $26,250. A small 1,500 square foot roof can cost from around $1,965 to $15,300 with an average of $7,869. The costs of installation and removal of old roofing are not included in these figures.

Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing manufacturers make roofing materials in various styles and colors to suit the tastes of individual homeowners. Vertical seam panels, with ribs that run from the eaves to the ridges of the roofs, are available in steel, copper, aluminum, zinc or terne metal. They use the same materials to make modular press-formed, pre-painted panels that can resemble slate, tile, wood shake or conventional shingles. They may coat the press-formed panels with an acrylic coating containing embedded stone granules or form 26-gauge steel into tile, shake or shingle shapes. A traditional metal roof is a great value over time, and people who want roofs that closely resemble natural slate, cedar shakes, tile, shiplap siding and even asphalt shingles can achieve the look they want for their homes with metal roofing as well. In that way, they receive the advantages of metal roofing while keeping the appearance they prefer.

A Valuable Asset

Metal roofs make a good investment for people who plan to remain in their homes for a long time because they should eventually pay for themselves in various ways. The roofs will help lower the cost of energy and raise the value of their homes. Good quality metal roofs do not need maintenance and should last more than 50 years. They may also lower homeowner’s insurance premiums, and their attractiveness is an added bonus.

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