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Terra Cotta provides long life while adding charm to your home

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Terra cotta roofing tiles are fashioned from clay and fired in special kilns to achieve a hardness that turns them into natural insulation. Terra cotta roofing tiles bring a Mediterranean look to your home. They date back to Roman times and provide excellent protection from the elements. Warmer climates where seasonal extremes are moderate favor this type of roofing. Colder regions require a better seal. Just as most Mediterranean countries enjoy benign climates, countries on this side of the world featuring warmer locales make good use of Terra cotta's benefits.Regions of the U.S. where Terra cotta roofing tiles shine are those that see little or no snow. Terra cotta roofs tend toward moderately inclined pitches and facilitate runoff. The south and southwest are where Terra cotta roofing tiles make the biggest impact. Terra cotta roofing tiles are also good insulators having air pockets underneath that inhibit the passage of heat while helping to keep interiors relatively cool. Another advantage is that the tiles are heavy and resistant to high winds. The higher weight can also be a disadvantage for structures while Terra cotta's higher costs suffer an additional disadvantage when compared to other roofing alternatives.

A profusion of Terra cotta roofs is a distinctive feature of many gracious destinations. California housing is a prime example of the charm Terra cotta roofing can convey. The early Spanish and Mexican missionaries used it to construct their missions and the public has made it a favorite ever since.

Caring for Terra Cotta roofing tiles

Cleaning and maintenance of Terra cotta roofing tiles play an important role in keeping roofs free of problems. Roofs should be inspected twice a year, usually in spring and fall following the harsher seasons. Maintenance should include the following:

  • Sweep away leaves and twigs. Roofs of this type aren't too steep and debris can accumulate.
  • Fix cracks in the tiles. Tiles can be damaged by falling debris, earthquakes and human contact. There are special sealants that can correct this.
  • Wash away accumulated dirt. A good washing with a pressure hose using hot water and mild soap can leave the roof as good as new.
  • Clean unwelcome adherents thoroughly. Lichens, moss and grime can be tough to remove. A stiff-bristled brush plus hot water and mild soap will facilitate scrubbing and keep the tiles beautiful.

Relative cost of Terra Cotta roofing tiles

When compared to other roofing materials, Terra cotta is famous for its longevity. Terra cotta tiles cost more than other roofing materials but their long-lasting nature can make them a wise choice. Other roofing materials, with the exception of metal, can be subject to replacement with its attendant price tag.