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New Roof Costs

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Want to Know What a New Roof Will Cost You?

Start here, find out the price range before you speak to a local roofer so you know what to expect!


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When it’s time to replace your roof, the first question you’re probably going to have is, “How much is this going to cost?” There are a lot of factors that affect the final cost of your project. The size of your roof, the height and pitch of your roof, and the cost of materials are all factored into the bill. So what does an average asphalt shingle roof cost? Believe it or not, where you live has a lot to do with it.

Where you live can have a big effect on the price of your roof replacement project. The national average for a 3,000 square foot asphalt shingle roof is roughly $11,500. The actual cost varies. Like anything, urban areas are generally more expensive than rural areas.

The average cost of a roof in New York, for example is close to $15,000. The same roof replacement in Georgia or the deep south will probably cost less than $9,000. The Midwest is also less expensive. Homeowners in Wichita, Kansas pay an average of $10,000. The west coast is just as expensive as the east, with homeowners in Los Angeles paying about the same as homeowners in New York.

Even within the same general region of the country, prices vary drastically. The average cost of a new roof in the Carolinas hovers around $7,000 while Atlanta homeowners pay around $10,000.
While these averages are a guide to know what to expect, keep in mind that actual prices may vary greatly.