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A Look at Roofing Inspections for Homeowners

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Homeownership is a very central part of the American Dream.  You likely aspire to buy and own a home, if you don’t already, it’s a common goal shared by many. Once a home is bought, though, don’t assume your work is done. Maintenance around your home is an essential part of being a homeowner, and is the best way to protect your major investment.

One example of essential homeowner maintenance is a roof inspection. A roof inspection is the best way to make sure the top of your home doesn’t succumb to the elements. However, roof inspections are still often overlooked by local homeowners.

Not sure what a roof inspection is, or what it means for your home? Don’t worry, here’s some basic information to help you understand the importance of roof inspections.

Roofing Inspection Details

Roofing inspections are typically done by a contractor with special training in roofing.  In some cases, you might find that the inspector is hired by the city or county where you live.  Roof inspections can be done when you are buying or selling a house.  It's not unusual for a roofing inspector to be called in for a homeowner to check up on the condition of their roof due to age or a problem like leaking, or after a major hurricane, or storm pattern.

A roofing inspection usually begins before the inspector even knocks on the door to let you know he or she is there.  The professional will be looking at the house's dormer, wall flashing, and the general condition of the roof on their way up the walk. 

The roofing inspector will also take the time to look closer at the roof.  Either from the roof itself or using binoculars, the roof inspector is going to check out the quality of the roofing material used.  If asphalt shingles are present, he or she will determine how many layers are installed.  Metal roofs will be checked over for holes and rust.  The chimney and chimney flashing are also looked at to ensure everything is in proper working order. 

A roof inspection is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it’s a great way for you to better understand the condition of your home. If your inspection brings some surprising discoveries, maybe it’s the perfect time to consider hiring a local roofing contractor and replacing your roof.