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Appalachian Mountains Metal Roofing Trend

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I recently have had the chance to drive along Route 81 which, for me, runs from Frederick, Maryland to just north of the North Carolina and Virginia border. This drive along Route 81 runs for much of the time along and in the Appalachian mountain range in the western part of Virginia.

One thing that I have noticed in this region is that there is a very noticeable trend in the roofing material of choice. Metal roofing.

As you drive along 81 you can look down onto many towns in the valleys and long the elevated roadways and metal roofing is everywhere. This makes sense for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons why I believe that people in this area do a good job of keeping the metal roof contractors busy:

Metal roofing has a very long life expectancy.

Metal roofing protects the home well in prolonged exposure to cold temperatures and winter precipitation.

Metal roofing can be installed easily by a DIY expert.

Metal roofing is abundant in mountainous are that mine for steel etc.

With much of today's roofing contractors providing green friendly options, metal roofing has a bright future.