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  • How Much Resale Value and Energy Savings a Roof Replacement Adds to a Home / 2012-04-21 04:23:13

  • Reasons to Hire a Seattle Roofer / 2009-01-14 06:27:41

  • The Importance of Roof Repair and Replacement in Florida / 2008-09-03 07:12:17

    If you’re planning on putting some money into your Florida home, you’re likely dreaming of hot tubs or a new deck complete with outdoor kitchen, or maybe you’ve got a brand new master suite on your wish list. Let’s be honest, you’d be much more excited about all of these projects than something like new siding or foundation inspections.

  • A Look at Roofing Inspections for Homeowners / 2008-08-20 11:51:20

    Homeownership is a very central part of the American Dream. You likely aspire to buy and own a home, if you don’t already, it’s a common goal shared by many. Once a home is bought, though, don’t assume your work is done.

  • Prepair Your Roof for Hurricane Season / 2008-08-13 06:20:53

    Home and business owners in the Southeast, especially Florida, are no strangers to the hurricane season. The end of the summer until mid fall marks the annual hurricane season, which means extremely strong winds and high amounts of rainfall.

  • Ten Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor / 2008-08-06 07:18:14

    One of the best ways to choose a roofing contractor is to speak with them over the phone or meet with them and ask them some questions. To locate a roofing contractor to contact you can ask friends and family for referrals or do a Google search as there are many great roofing directory sites that will provide a short list of professionals in your area...

  • Top Off Your Home: Ideas for Residential Roofing / 2008-06-17 03:06:05

    Tips and ideas for homeowners in search of residential roofing solutions. Great ways to find a roof that will not only protect your home but also add value to its appearance.