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McLean County is located in central Illinois. McLean county, Ill as a political entity dates back to 1830, when it was formed from land that originally belonged to Tazewell County. The county is named for Senator John McLean, who served two terms representing Illinois in congress in the 1820's and 30's. McLean county, Illinois is shared between two congressional district, the 15th, represented in congress by Timothy Johnson(R), and the 11th, represented by Debbie Halvorson.
The region of central Illinois that includes McLean County is renowned for the fertility of its soil. Very few places in the world (China's Yellow River Delta and The Ukraine among them) can rightly claim to have soil so fertile. It is the nation's leading grower of corn and soybeans.
Here are some places in McLean County, IL that we serve with roofing estimates: Bloomington, Normal, Randolph, Empire and Old Town. Bloomington is home to the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, known and respected around the nation. It is also home to Grady's Family Fun Park, the only amusement park in the Bloomington-Normal area. Among its attractions are go-karts and a miniature gold course. Normal is the site of the Illinois State University campus, where over 20,000 students are earning their degrees. Redbird arena, a 10,000 capacity basketball arena, is also located in Normal.

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