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Polk County, Florida is located in the central part of the state. In recent years, parts of Polk County have grown rapidly due to their proximity to Tampa and Orlando. Like the rest of Florida, Polk County experiences serious rain and wind every year, making it extremely important for residents to take care of their roofs.

Neglecting roof maintenance can lead to serious damage throughout your home. Couple this with the chance of yearly tropical storms and hurricanes, and roof maintenance is of the utmost importance. When the time comes for roof repairs or a roof replacement, it's important to find a reputable roofing company. Here at, you can get up to 4 FREE estimates from local roofing contractors in Polk County, FL. To get your free estimates, complete the form on this page.

The Top Two Most Commonly Used Roofing Materials in Polk County, Florida

Given its unique climate and weather, Polk County, Florida requires homeowners to use a variety of materials when it comes to their roofs. They need materials that will withstand the humidity, heat, rain, and wind that is common to this part of the state. If people choose materials that are flimsy and weak, they risk losing their roofs to Florida’s natural climate and environment. For that reason, when a Polk County homeowner wants the best roof for his or her home, this individual can rely on the area’s roofing professionals to supply the best materials for the task.

In fact, asphalt shingles remain a popular and cost-effective choice for many residents. This selection is easy to install and maintain, as well as affordable and plentiful. Asphalt works well on pitched roofs and flat roofs alike. Contractors usually can install an asphalt roof in less than two days.

If installed correctly, these roofs also withstand the intense humidity and heat for which this area of the state is famous. People in Florida often worry about their electric bills getting too high in such extreme weather. Asphalt proves to be an excellent insulator and helps keep out the most extreme of weather condition from the home’s interior. People with asphalt roofs note that this material costs little to purchase and assists in the home’s energy conservation.

However, when people want a more decorative roof, they often choose wood shingles. Wooden shingles add appeal to homes that follow a certain style. For example, people who live in log cabins want a roof that looks natural and complementary to the rest of the house. They argue that asphalt shingles would detract from the cabin’s rustic appearance and look unnatural atop a log cabin home.

Wood indeed adds beauty to a home; however, people with wooden roofs are advised to take certain precautions. They are encouraged to use wooden shingles that are pre-treated to resist bug infestations. Florida is also known for its large insect population. Insects that eat into a home’s wooden roof can cause damage to the structure. As such, pre-treated shingles are favored by people who want this type of roof.

Likewise, wooden roofs also should be treated to resist fires. Untreated wood is more susceptible to catching fire. Many insurance providers refuse to insure homes that have untreated wooden roofs; if they do offer coverage, it is often at a much higher rate.

Alternatively, ceramic also proves to be a popular choice for Polk County, Florida homeowners. Ceramic tiles adorn Spanish-styled houses, which are plentiful in this state. Ceramic tile roofs are often colorful and unique in their appearance. This type of roof can take longer to complete; likewise, some roofers do not carry ceramic tiles in their inventory. Homeowners who want this type of roof may need to call around and find out which roofers offer ceramic tiles as a roofing material. Likewise, the cost for this material may be substantially more than wood or asphalt.

We enjoy serving all communities in Polk County, FL, including Auburndale, Bartow, Davenport, Dundee, Eagle Lake, Mulberry, Winter Haven, Polk City, Frostproof, Haines City, Lakeland, Lake Alfred, and everywhere in between.

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