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Roofing Contractors License Requirements in Delaware

In most states in the US, roofing contractors need to obtain a license to operate. The license regulations vary between states. Becoming a roofing contractor in Delaware requires aspiring professionals to obtain a roofing license. Obtaining a license involves more than just making an application to get the certificate.

The first thing that applicants or aspiring roofing contractors need to do is to train to be roofers. This is obviously the first step in the process. There are various institutions in Delaware where apprenticeship or construction courses are offered. Taking the course makes an apprentice eligible to undertake the licensing exam. Though people do not require college degrees to be roofing contractors, they should however, have advanced knowledge on roofing in order to pass the licensing test. Most state community colleges in Delaware offer construction or vocational courses in roofing.

It is also important to obtain a personal injury and property insurance policy. Roofing contractors in Delaware require liability insurance to protect the assets of their clients. The aspiring roofing contractor is required to attach proof of insurance when applying for a contractor’s license in Delaware.

Before filling out and submitting the application forms, inquire from the licencing board if a bond needs to be posted for the license. It is also essential to secure the bond and license application fees beforehand.

Application forms for a roofing contractor licence can be obtained from the Division of Professional Regulation or The Licensing Board. The forms have various questions. Some of the questions are of a basic nature requiring information about the applicant. There are also specific questions about the roofing service that will be provided by the applicant. All relevant areas should be filled and the completed forms submitted to offices of The Licensing Board.

When the applicant is through with the paperwork, they can embark on passing the licensing exam. The exam covers different subjects on roofing including roofing types and other technical aspects involved in roofing. On passing the roofing contractor’s exam, the applicants only have to wait a few days to get their license. A Delaware roofing contractor’s license is valid for two years after which a contractor is supposed to renew it by going through the roofing test again.

There are a few tips that can help with getting a roofing contractor’s license. The applicant needs to make sure that they contact the licencing Board to inquire about the requirements needed to get a roofing licence because the regulations and requirements may change with time.

It also important to prepare adequately before taking the exam. The money spent on the license application and exams are not refundable if a candidate fails. Being a licenced roofing contractor in Delaware does not mean that the contractor can work in the same capacity in other states. In case a Delaware contractor wants to work in or expand to other states, they will have to undergo the licencing procedures of the relevant states.

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